• Te Hui Ahurei ā Tūhoe 2018 Kapa Haka
  • The Big Bash 8
  • Baypark Family Speedway End Of Season 2017
  • Hip Hop Morning Show
  • Ringside FightNight Boxing 2015,2016, 2017
  • Hoopnation Basketball 2015, 2016
  • Te Puia Marae Benefit Concert
  • Entreprenuer Of The Year Awards 2016
  • Miss Universe New Zealand 2015, 2016
  • DMC Auckland regional DJ Champs
  • DMC National DJ Champs
  • Trans Tasman Bowls

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Experience great events

Who are we? lives in the arms of SHOW•VISION New Zealand Ltd. A  highly experienced live event broadcast production company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

SHOW•VISION has thousands of hours experience producing and covering live events from corporate presentations and conferences right up to large scale concerts and live network television.

We’re passionate about providing ‘broadcast grade’ bullet proof engaging coverage of events with the best equipment and the best people. is our very own webcast/broadcast portal seeking out the best in live event experiences for fussy viewers… and we’d like those viewers to be your viewers and can reach them in the following ways:

• Free/open access streaming.. great for lifting the profile of your event. Like watching TV. Anybody can dial in and watch – for free! Reach and capture audiences way beyond the reaches of the walls of your venue.

• Closed/private streaming.. perfect for company conferences or meetings. We create a private log-in access page for your staff members. Theme it up with your branding and give your people a simple easy link to view.

• Pay-per-view streaming.. generate revenue for premium events. Grab audiences and participants well beyond the city limits! Venue sold out? Not a problem. Allow those people who couldn’t get through the door an opportunity to feel part of the live event.

While we are based in New Zealand, events can be broadcast from any location on the planet. Easy.

Have your own local coverage .. with your own equipment? No problem! Hook in to’s ever growing viewer base.

During event broadcasts, the landing page can be tailored to include sponsor logos / ads, social media and live chat.

Plug in to Virtual Ticket’s growing residual audience and marketing.